Those helpful road alert signs currently dedicated to warn drivers of accidents, road closures, or Amber alerts, may take on yet another role if Caltrans (the California Department of Transportation) moves forward with their latest senseless consideration... advertising. With millions of dollars in potential ad revenue clouding their judgment, Caltrans is reviewing the idea of putting ads on the state's highway signs. Without regard to the distraction of drivers, ad agencies would sell the advertising and give the state a cut (after taking out their share of the profit, of course). According to Caltrans, the idea would reduce costs, generate revenue, and create more jobs. The California State Outdoor Advertising Association is all for it, while Scenic America (a preservation group) is having heart palpitations at the thought. If there is a sign of hope (hey, a pun!), none of this will go through without the occasionally level-headed DOT's approval. Let's hope they aren't as hard up for a few bucks.

[Source: All Cars, All the Time]

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