So, just what is a 19.9% stake in America's third largest automaker worth? Um, nothing. So says Daimler, which owns exactly that amount. The German company claims that, for accounting purposes at least, there is absolutely no value in its part-ownership of Chrysler. Just about a year ago, Daimler estimated that its share of Chrysler was worth some $1.17 billion. The remaining 80.1% was sold to Cerberus Capital Management last August for $7.4 billion.
According to Chrysler, Daimler's idea of its stake in the company is a totally different animal than its own. The two companies use different accounting techniques to arrive at earnings figures and net worth, and the privately-held American automaker doesn't release its internal figures. As we've covered, Daimler is currently in talks with Cerberus to rid itself of any attachment to its former partner by selling its remaining shares of Chrysler to the American company, which it would need if it were to make any sort of deal with General Motors, Renault or any other automaker for that matter. So, just how much is Chrysler worth as a whole? We could soon find out.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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