Being a Democrat or Republican is like being a Ford fan or Chevy supporter. While there are undecideds who might choose a Mustang or Camaro based on their spec sheets alone, most us already know where our allegiance lies and will defend our choice regardless. The analogy between your political party and pony car preference just got a little more interesting thanks to a study by Landor Associates and research firm Penn, Schoen and Berland. They issued a survey asking respondents to compare the top two political contenders with brands in the marketplace, and the results weren't shocking so much as reflective of the prevailing perceptions of each candidate.

Barack Obama, for instance, was associated with brands like Google, James Bond and Target, while John McCain was linked to AOL, Jack Bauer and Wal-Mart. When it came to auto brands, Obama was buddied up with BMW and McCain paired with Ford. We would have gone a bit more granular and pegged Obama as an M3 and McCain a Shelby GT500, as that would certainly be a race more exciting than the one we're watching now.

[Source: Adweek]

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