Magna International is the third largest auto supplier in the world and it now appears the company was very lucky to escape buying Chrysler last year. Having survived to fight another day, the company has recently been working to develop a complete electric car. The company is currently developing all the systems necessary for an electric car, including the propulsion systems and electrically-driven accessory systems. The Canadian company is looking for an automaker to partner with on production of a car. Magna is prepared to provide anything from components and sub-systems to a complete vehicle if that's what a partner needs. Chief technical officer Ted Robertson told Automotive News the company is on track to have a four-door car ready by 2010 to demonstrate all the systems. Its purchase of Michigan-based BluWav is helping. BluWav speciallizes in electric propulsion and energy management systems. The energy management is necessary to reduce the draw of all of the vehicles systems on the battery, thus maximizing range.

[Source: Automotive News - sub. req'd]

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