It's bare bones at this point, but the first official product from the Revenge of the Electric Car movement is now available. It's the Revenge of the Electric Car website and if you want to follow director Chris Paine and his crew as they film the sequel to follow-up to next movie after Who Killed The Electric Car? in spots around the world. So far, the site has a few blog posts and a FAQ and lists Paines upcoming speaking dates (he's in Idaho today). The FAQ tells us that the new movie "will be a very different film - in tone, approach and content - from 'Who Killed the Electric Car?' It is emphatically not a 'sequel' or a 'follow up.'" The plan is to pick up the story of electric cars in 2008-2010, which seems to be a follow-up to me. But maybe I'm just being picky. You can also hear Paine talk about the new movie (and tell some stories about making Who Killed?) here.

[Source: Revenge of the Electric Car]

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