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BMW is all set to debut its electric MINI E at the LA Auto Show next month and has already laid out plans to offer the machine in California (of course), New York and New Jersey, where the company's American headquarters are located. We feel pretty confident that demand will outpace supply, as there will only be 500 of the electric MINI's assembled for the first batch. After that initial run, we have no idea if the German automaker will build any more. All of the vehicles will be offered for lease only, so there's no need to head to your dealership with a boatload of cash in hand.

We have heard that MINI is likely send a small supply of the E's to London, with other "major cities" being considered. Considering that the modern MINI takes its inspiration from the classic Cooper, it only seems fitting that this latest incarnation of the breed should at least make an appearance in the UK where its forebearer was designed.

[Source: Autocar]

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