Sure, these days everyone wants to win the MPG race. But it wasn't that long ago (yesterday? the day before?) that all that mattered to most automakers was having the most powerful engines under the hood. The prevailing mentality didn't stop some companies from emphasizing their high-miles vehicles, though, and Popular Mechanics thought a little trip down memory lane was in order for our $4/gallon $3/gallon sub-$3/gallon time. The cars that Popular Mechaniccs picked to be on the list of the Top 5 Eco Supercars of All Time include the Honda Insight, Chevy Sprint, VW Rabbit Pickup, Geo Metro XFI, Honda Civic. I can certainly vouch for the non-hybrid Civic earning a place there. It's our daily driver (when we drive) and it'll get 45+ mpg without too much trouble (and without air conditioning or an automatic transmission). As for the others, well, what do you think? Rightfully on the list or do they take the place of a more deserving ride?

[Source: Popular Mechanics]

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