The good 'ol four stroke internal combustion engine has life left in it. Despite the fact that the world's oil supplies are getting more expensive and harder to extract, the short-term truth is that there's still no cheaper way to power a vehicle than with petroleum. This being the case, engineering work is still being done on the basic design of the engines that power our cars, motorcycles and scooters. Further proof of this truth comes by way of Taiwanese scooter manufacture PGO, which has partnered up with RCV Engine Ltd. of the U.K. The two firms are working on rotary valve technology for scooters. So far, the rotary valve engines have really only made waves in the model aircraft industry, a market that RCV is very active in, but PGO believes the engines in the 125-150cc range could power its scooters.

The technology seems rather elegant and does away with the valvetrain of a four stroke engine, a major source of losses and maintenance. The cylinder, including the combustion chamber, rotates around the piston as it moves through its stroke. Click here for more details on how the technology works. PGO hopes to reduce the costs of engine manufacturing while increasing power and lowering emissions. So far, though, no specific engines have been announced.

[Source: CENS via 2 Stroke Buzz]

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