Want to celebrate Halloween with a unique jack-o-lantern that tells your whole neighborhood, "Hey! I'm a gearhead!"? You could try filling a hollowed pumpkin with gasoline and setting it alight, but we really, really don't recommend it. And if you some time on your hands, you could get some ideas from our Performance Pumpkin post.

But we like cars, not vegetable carving, and whatever gets us back to wrench-turning more quickly is what we want. Dodge apparently agrees, and is offering some simple yet effective ways for us to show our allegiance (i.e. give them free advertising). You can choose from either a Challenger farting flames or a Dodge Ram projectile vomiting on a wall and then driving away. At least that's what we see.

You can also submit pictures of your Dodge-themed gourd to Red Letter Dodge for a chance to win a limited-edition Challenger t-shirt. Or send them to us for a chance at international fame.

We also found a stencil for the Nissan GT-R courtesy of Steve at carspyshots.net for all you import loving pumpkin carvers out there. Thanks, Steve!

[Source: Red Letter Dodge]

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