There's no question that a lot of people will visit the voting booth on November 4th in the U.S. If you're a first-time voter or a longtime participant who'd like to share your democratic adventure with someone a little green-minded, John Zimmer and Zimride would like you to carpool your way to the polls on the Tuesday after next (yes, it's only 13 days away). The Carpool to the Polls project is a partnership between Zimride and Live Earth. John wrote in to AutoblogGreen to say that, "This is the most important election for our global leadership on environmental issues and we're doing everything we can to promote voting and to demonstrate how every individual can make a difference." People are organizing carpools now over on Facebook, so go ahead and start looking for passengers or drivers today if you're interested. Of course, you can also set up carpools for other days, too.

As a side note, back in August, a majority of women voters said they'd rather carpool with Obama than McCain.

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