The pedal-powered rickshaw is a time-honored method of getting around in many countries where not every citizen has the means to drive a car. Of course, time marches on, and the classic rickshaws are definitely a step or two behind the times. Still, there is a market for zero emission people carriers, especially in developing countries that don't already have other mass-transit solutions in place. Plus, while it may not seem like everybody's cup of tea, there are a large number of people that make their living pedaling rickshaws. Enter the soleckshaw, a hybrid human- and solar-powered rickshaw that was recently shown off in Delhi. The project also includes solar charging stations where used-up batteries can be swapped for fresh ones.

The soleckshaw is powered by a 350-Watt, 36-volt brushless DC motor driving the rear wheels through a differential. There's room for two passengers out back and the vehicle can reach 12 miles per hour or so. The battery is good for about 45 miles of range, which equates to about six hours of service. Each soleckshaw is expected to cost around $450.

[Source: India Press Inormation Bureau via Wired]

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