Rendered Speculation: Volvo's Vs could get new roofline

One of the last bastions of contentment for wagon lovers may be over as reports indicate that Volvo is considering abandoning the classic long and low shape for something a bit more modern. Of course, that means a higher roof-line, ground clearance and seating position, along with a slightly trimmed footprint. In fact, the Swedish automaker seriously considered making a change to its current V70 model before it was released to the public. The true test will come when the new XC60 crossover hits the market, as its sales figures will determine how Volvo designs its next V50 and V70.
Ford's Flex might offer a preview of the shape of things to come from the Swedish automaker, as its design is similar to what may be on offer from Volvo if it scraps the traditional wagon. We wouldn't expect anything too 'trucky' though, as sales of traditional SUVs have fallen off dramatically in the last two years.

Redesigns of the mid-sized S60 and XC90 have also reportedly been pushed a bit further into the future as the automaker struggles to reign in its recent lack of profits. The latest timetable puts the new sedan's appearance in 2010 while the 'ute's redesign isn't expected until 2012, though a refresh could spice things up a bit in 2010 with a possible hybrid drivetrain.

[Source: Autocar]

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