Click above to watch National Geographic's Inside episode on the Nissan GT-R

Over four years ago, National Geographic approached Nissan to see if it could follow the development of a vehicle from conception to production for its "Inside" series. Nissan's response, "We've got something for you. It's called the GT-R."

So after signing the world's thickest NDA, National Geographic's film crew was afforded unprecedented access to Nissan's design, engineering and manufacturing facilities, along with spending time at the test track and with Nissan/Renault's rock-star CEO and Manga-hero, Carlos Ghosn. The 47-minute documentary covers almost every aspect of the GT-R's development, although it's slightly dumbed-down and thoroughly over-dramatized for mass consumption. Despite that, it's an entertaining trip, and watching Ghosn almost get sick in the passenger seat of a GT-R development mule makes it even more appealing.

Make the jump to check it out.

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