Chalk it up to sheer coincidence, but the day after Top Gear launched its U.S.-specific site, BBC America has begun offering the entire 10th season of the British television show on iTunes (iTunes link).

In Series 10, Clarkson, Hammond and May attempt to cross the English Channel in their shoddily modified amphibious cars, test the Caparo T1, race a trio of RVs in the inaugural Motorhome Grand Prix and – in our favorite episode of the season – cross the Kalahari Desert in 20-year-old beaters. Shows are available either ala carte for $1.99 an episode or you can purchase a season pass for $14.99. And although we've already watched season 10 (and 11) at least twice, it's nice to know there's a legal means of getting our fix before Top Gear returns on November 2nd.

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