We got word from a little birdie last week that Noble had flown over a prototype of its newest model – the M600 – for a series of shakedowns in the western U.S. CAR was able to get a shooter out to Arizona to capture the M600 undergoing testing, using the same Yamaha-developed V8 found in the Volvo XC90. According to CAR's sources, the V8 has been fitted with twin turbochargers and output is estimated at somewhere north of 600 hp. The rationale behind using the Volvo's lightweight eight is primarily centered on emissions, allowing the low-volume automaker to sell the M600 throughout the world.
According to our source, the Noble hit a top speed of 202 mph at Bonneville before traversing Death Valley and winding up the Firebird Raceway in Arizona, where CAR's shooters captured the N400 in photos and video. Click these colored words here to check it out.

[Source: CAR]

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