The Chrysler rumormill is running at full steam for obvious reasons, and the latest talk surrounds Chrysler and its $3 billion Phoenix V6 engine program. Word on the street is that the project has been canceled, which makes abundant sense if in fact a Chrysler merger is imminent. If a deal to merge Chrysler with either General Motors or Renault/Nissan materializes, both potential mates have V6 engines that are vastly superior to anything nestled under the hood of a Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep. Why would either automaker want to spend $3 billion for something it already has?

There seems to be little doubt among analysts that Chrysler will merge with another automaker, and the only question at this point is whether it will be GM, Renault/Nissan or some mixture of the two. Continuing to spend money on projects like a new V6 engine or a new dual clutch transmission doesn't make much sense at this point, especially since Chrysler's suitors already have or are working on these technologies. Thanks for the tip, Jason!

[Source: Allpar, Photo by rkupbens | CC2.0]

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