Photo by Green Jobs Now. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

I assume most of us can agree that green cars do their part to save the environment (although declaring which technologies are best is opening a can of worms I don't want to open up right now). What's nice to see is a new general agreement being formed in America (and probably the world) that says that green jobs are really the answer when it comes to saving the economy. Case in point here is an article in The Boston Globe that draws from a variety of sources to find predictions ranging from 2.5 million to five million new jobs resulting from anywhere from $150 billion to $500 billion worth of investments in moving to a cleaner, more efficient economy. The article doesn't specifically mention cleaner cars, but we know they're part of the picture, as are public transportation improvements and renewable energy and bioenergy updates.

If you watched the presidential candidate debates this fall, then you heard both Barack Obama and John McCain hold up green jobs as a way to turn the economy around. But now we are hearing the rumblings of a new stimulus package. One of the people interviewed for the Boston Globe story said that, "What we ought to be doing is rethinking regulating the financial market to channel credit into useful investments instead of useless, destructive speculations. Putting money into green jobs is useful in many ways." I'd say using less gasoline and boosting the job market counts as two of those ways, no?

[Source: The Boston Globe]

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