You may already know the story of the ant and the grasshopper. While the summertime of low gas prices reigned, grasshoppers went out and bought SUVs, convinced that the warm season was here to stay. They laughed at ants in their hybrids and on their bicycles. "Silly ants", they said, "However do they manage to drive all their kids to school or haul their boats?" Eventually the days got shorter and the warm breeze that blew as soft as a Gas Co. jingle turned into a cold draft that seemed to suck the money from their bank accounts. The gas that had once flowed so freely had become very, very expensive. Suddenly, grasshoppers couldn't afford to drive anywhere and the behemoths they once adored became devalued and many became trapped!

Luckily for the grasshoppers who survived, a Spring thaw seems to be occurring. The price of oil is half of what it was a short time ago and gasoline is slowly following suit. Some grasshoppers have even forgotten their frostbitten feet and are buying new pickups and SUVs. This seasonal phenomenon may good for those grasshoppers willing to adopt an ant mind set. If you have a gas guzzler in your driveway that you recently couldn't give away, now may be the time to unload it on someone who prefers not to consider that gas prices will rise again, the earth is still warming from too much CO2 and gas guzzlers negatively impact the health of others. Now, you can go out and buy some reasonable transportation or stash that cash somewhere and begin saving for one of those gas-free electric cars coming out in the next couple of years. It may seem like it's Summer right now but there is no doubt Winter is sure to return. It is best to prepare for the days of necessity.

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