Police in Utah observed a 26-year-old man doing donuts and wheelies in a golf cart at the city park, so they closed in on the suspect to issue a ticket. The cart driver decided that he wanted to test law enforcement in his modified super cart, so a five-minute chase through neighborhood lawns led the police and the cart-driving perp into an alfalfa field. Once there, the golf cart and its driver channeled the General Lee by jumping an irrigation ditch, leaving the police in the dust.

Unbelievably, the driver got away, at least for a day. Then next morning police arrested the driver at his grandmother's home, and he admitted to his crimes. It seems he was drunk (we know, big shock) and he didn't want to get into trouble. Good move, chief. Instead of a class B misdemeanor, the cart driver was slapped with a class three felony for evading police.

[Source: Standard Examiner via MSNBC]

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