Mitsubishi may be bringing an electric passenger car to the streets of New Zealand but one of their own is building an electric race car for its tracks. Greenstage revealed to the Kiwi public their vision of an all-electric race car at the recently-held Speed Show and it looks pretty sweet. Using the space-frame chassis of the New Zealand-based Sakar as a starting point, the team put their racer together over the past few months and not only documented the process on a blog but started up their own wiki as well. Currently, the GS750V, as they have dubbed their creation, is sporting an old-fashioned lead-acid battery pack for preliminary testing but these should soon be replaced with something more modern. According to their wiki they are considering A123, Altairnano and Kokam to supply the lithium-ion batteries. With a performance target of being competitive in the NZSC series, the GS750V quietly boasts 268 hp with 330 lb feet of torque. The ambitions of Greenstage reach past the completion of this first vehicle and extend to a road-going version as well as a new-from-the-ground-up, composite-bodied, four-wheel-drive electric supercar. We expect we may be hearing more from these guys in the future.

[Source: Sakar / Greenstage]

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