Way back in April, the idea for electric green Black Cabs in London was first floated. Chinese automaker Geely is apparently still working on the cabs and the U.K. authorities and watchdog agencies are beginning to pick up on the idea. The Environmental Transport Association in particular has taken notice that many cabs in London are powered by diesel engines, which may be great for fuel efficiency but not so much for human health. Many diesel-powered vehicles emit plenty of particulates that have a nasty effect on the body when inhaled. Since taxi cabs are often left idling, those particulates can get a bit out of control very fast. For this reason, the ETA is suggesting that electric Black Cabs could hold great promise and foresees a fleet of 20,000 electric taxis running through London's busy streets. Early estimates put the TX4E's top speed around 50 miles per hour and its range at about 100 miles. There should be a fleet of ten electric cabs ready for testing early next year.
[Sources: ETA, Business Green]

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