click for more shots of the biodiesel H1

The H1 in the center of the Austin Alt Car expo show floor was decked out in a Health Yes! paint job but it was the handmade sign that caught the eye. "Powered by Vegetable Oil and Biodiesel," it read and was yet another one of these hard-to-know-why type of conversions. I mean, if you're trying to win greenie points, why start with a vehicle that, by anybody's calculations, burns tremendous amounts of fuel?

Whatever the reason, the Hummer was part of the booth sponsored by the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance, which is pushing for a sustainable biodiesel standard DieselGreen Fuels of Austin. Sadly, SBA board member Daryl Hannah was not present at Alt Car, but at least we got a good look at the two vehicles the SBA brought to the show, the Hummer and a VW with the Veg Oil vanity plate and a warning over the fuel tank (UPDATE: which was legally mandated).

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