Beneath all that ridiculous (though pretty darn effective) yellow and black paisley camouflage sits the new MINI Crossover. First shown in concept form at the Paris Motor Show, at 162-inches long, the new MINI CUV is quite a bit larger than its other older stablemates. At what point is a MINI not so mini any more? This could be it, as the spy photographers point out that it appears larger than the BMW 1-Series that shares a number of parts with. Lost in the translation from show car to test mule are the unique doors, which appear to have been replaced with a standard, run-of-the-mill four door body style. The rear hatch also opens from the top instead of sideways like on the concept, though it's been taped-up to appear like the barn-door style portals from the Clubman. The whole shebang's been lifted a bit and all four wheels are driven. Expect both gasoline and diesel four-bangers under the pointy-snouted hood.

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