The latest rumors regarding Cerberus-owned Chrysler and its possible sale point to the breakup of Chrysler's assets, and in particular its brands. General Motors may be interested in bits and pieces of its cross-town rival, but perhaps not the entire automaker. Jeep is considered Chrysler's most valuable asset and was purchased by the automaker from Renault in the '80s, around the same time that AMC ceased to exist. A similar scenario may put Jeep back in the hands of Renault. This purchase could allow the French automaker an easier entry back into the U.S. market with dealerships and excess production capacity leftover from Chrysler.
General Motors main interests are rumored to be the minivan line along with some production sites, including the plant in Mexico that assembles Dodge Ram trucks. In exchange for the pieces of Chrysler that GM is interested in, the automaker could fork over its remaining 49-percent stake in GMAC to Cerberus. It's clear that all companies involved are still in negotiations, and it's completely possible that nothing changes hands at all. Round 'n round we go...

[Source: Reuters]

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