Over at Carlist.com, Lou Ann Hammond is continuing to roll out some of the video interviews that she did during the wave 1 of the Audi Mileage Marathon. In the latest installment, she chats with Audi of America Executive VP Johan de Nysschen about diesel vehicles and some of Audi's partners in the marathon. As expected, de Nysschen is a big cheerleader for diesel and feels that the technology is a core competency for his company. He talks about how Audi sees racing as a proving ground for the technology the company is introducing to the street, something that has happened with gasoline direct injection (on the previous R8) and now the common rail diesel systems on the R10. There is also some discussion of fuel partner Shell. According to de Nysschen, Shell is increasing diesel refining capacity and 42 percent of Shell's U.S. stations now offer ultra low sulfur diesel fuel, a number that de Nysschen expects to climb significantly in the next few years. Audi is also working with Shell to improve the fuel quality to help reduce emissions further beyond what is already mandated by law. Make sure to check out Lou Ann's site at the link and the video after the jump.
[Source: Carlist.com]

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