Forbes has published a list of 10 diesel cars Americans will be able to purchase soon. Automakers expect that the new generation diesels will catch up on American soil thanks to their refined engineering, which translates into reduced emissions and more torque along with mileage increases of around 30 percent. This is the good news, the bad news is that the U.S. doesn't always get the most fuel-efficient oil burners, especially when it comes to the smaller models. Forbes' list doesn't offer much information about EPA mileage or price, but it does give us a few vehicles we can keep an eye on for our diesel dreams. Follow us after the jump for the complete list.

[Source: Forbes]

  1. BMW 335d: With an inline 6-cyl. 22/33 mpg estimated.
  2. BMW X5 35d: With the same engine as the car above. 19/25 mpg est.
  3. Acura TSX Sedan: Named i-DTEC, the Acura shares sheetmetal and probably the same engine as the European Accord.
  4. Audi Q7 3.0 TDI: With a V6 and being tested stateside.
  5. Porsche Cayenne: With the same engine as above. 19/24.5 est.
  6. VW Touareg TDI: And the other sibling of the previous two.
  7. Audi A4 TDI: This compact premium sedan will get the 3.0 TDI. But remember: Europeans get the 46mpg TDIe version.
  8. Hyundai Veracruz: Available in 2009 or 2010 with an all-new V6 diesel engine.
  9. Kia Borrego: With the same engine as above.
  10. Nissan Maxima: With Renault's new V6 dCI diesel engine. Available in 2010.

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