In 1987, Chrysler purchased the American Motors Corporation from Renault, and all AMC models ceased to exist shortly thereafter. The only survivor was Jeep, which was really the only brand worth rescuing. Could something similar happen today if GM "merges" with Chrysler? Once again, Chrysler's most desirable asset is the Jeep brand, along with its minivans – a segment that General Motors has completely abandoned in favor of three-row crossovers. In such a scenario, the Chrysler and Dodge brands would basically cease to exist, with General Motors phasing the products it wants into its own lineups. Newer, efficient plants could be converted to build GM vehicles, which would allow the General to close older plants and lose excess production capacity that isn't needed. Any cash that Chrysler has on hand would allow GM to float its own operations that much longer before returning to profitability. This is a simplistic overview, but it is a possibility being floated around by analysts that would explain why GM has any interest in Chrysler at all. We imagine there would be huge opposition to the situation playing out like this, not the least of which would come from the United Auto Workers union, which makes us wonder how likely such a "merger" could possibly be.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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