Jay Leno is a big player on the antique car auction circuit, and his loaded airport hanger in Burbank is proof that the Tonight Show host has purchased his fair share of rare rides. One such vehicle was a 1931 Model J Duesenberg that he aquired from Manhattan's Windsor Garage back in 2005. The car was owned by the now deceased Macy's heir John Strauss, and his estate is suing Leno because they contend the garage sold it to him illegally. The garage states that Mr. Strauss, who suffered from dementia, owed over $29,000 in parking fees, giving them the right to sell the Duesenberg and a 1930 Rolls Royce that was purchased by another auctioneer. The Srauss estate says the garage was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for parking over the years, and $29,000 was drop in the bucket.
We don't know all the legal issues (like title transfer of the Deuse) surrounding the suit between the Strauss estate and Jay Leno, but it seems as though the Windsor Garage would be a better target for the lawsuit. They did, after all, sell the vehicle that they were paid to care for. Then again, we have no idea what the laws are in Manhattan concerning garages that aren't paid and the delinquent cars that sit on their property, either. Thanks for the tip, Nick!

[Source: MSNBC]

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