It looks like small cars aren't the only segment where Ford has no confidence in diesel engines. When Ford announced its redesigned F150 pickup trucks early this year the company indicated that a new light duty diesel engine would join the lineup in 2010. The company even showed off the new 4.4L V8 at a dealer meeting in April of this year. It now appears that the engine won't be coming in 2010 and in fact it may never happen. Ford officials have confirmed to Mike Levine at that the program has been put on hold and may be canceled entirely. Separately, another supplier source has confirmed the same information to ABG. Ford was already pretty close to completing development of the new engine, but has stopped short of actually tooling up the factory to build them. Instead, Ford has decided to refocus its efforts on the EcoBoost (gasoline turbocharged direct injection) engines that will debut in the trucks in 2010. A 3.5L EcoBoost V6 makes similar power and low end torque to a diesel at a much lower cost. The EcoBoost engines provide about a 15-20 percent boost in fuel efficiency, compared to the 5.4L V8, which is less than the 20-30 percent that might be possible with the diesel, but the cost makes up the difference for most buyers. According to Mike, GM remains committed to its new 4.5L diesel but all future programs are up in the air.


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