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When we got our hands on a Nissan GT-R, we can admit to laying waste to a little bit of rubber. With at least 480 horsepower at our command, it was hard not to. At no point, though, did we feel obligated to grind through 20 seconds of squealing, smokey donuts, but we can now be sure that at least one GT-R owner has. After the jump is one man's attempt at YouTube fame behind the wheel of a Silver GT-R. He effortlessly (because the GT-R is badass) dives into a dizzying volley of tight spins that we like to call a donut, and when finishes appears to be awfully proud of his accomplishment. We're not sure why, though, because all he did was get closer to a visit to his Dunkin Dunlop retailer for a new set of expensive rubber. He should be careful, because that kind of wear and tear on his GT-R is being captured on a black box recorder, and we're just now learning what happens to the warranty when one engages in tom-foolery using one of the world's fastest production cars.

[Source: YouTube via egmCarTech]

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