Nissan is recalling 200,000 vehicles due to a faulty sensor system that could affect the car's passenger sid airbag. The problem is described as an issue with an electrical component that could interfere with the sensor system, which could then prevent the side airbag from deploying in certain circumstances. We gather from the report on that the sensor telling the car whether or not someone's riding shotgun could malfunction, and in the event of a crash the car could assume no one's sitting there at not deploy the passenger airbag. Most of the vehicles affected are 2007 or 2008 Nissan Altimas, tallying over 140,000 units of that model in all. Other models affected include '07 and '08 examples of the Infiniti EX35, G35 Sedan, G37 coupe and the Nissan 350Z, Rogue and Murano. The Japanese automaker claims that there have been no injuries as a result of the defect, but apparently it was deemed significant enough to pay for a recall and be safe today rather than sorry tomorrow. Owners of an affected Nissan vehicle can call 1-800-647-7261 and Infiniti owners can dial 1-800-662-6200 for more information, as dealers are able to test the system and replace the passenger-side seat cushion where the offending hardware is located.

[Source: Detroit News,]

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