It's generally accepted that riding a scooter can save you money at the gas pump. Even between the little two-wheelers, though, there is a big difference between the fuel mileage that one machine offers versus another, with the final figure depending on the size of the engine, the gearing of the transmission and the weight of the machine plus rider. As it is with cars and trucks, modifications can be made to improve the fuel economy of a scooter, and Genuine Scooters has just announced that it's done just that on its popular Buddy scooter. The standard Buddy comes with either a 50cc or 125cc engine, with the larger of the two offering some 90 miles per gallon or so. A new Eco model beats that figure, promising 110 miles per gallon using an engine of the same displacement. We're unclear as to how the manufacturer was able to eke the extra 20 miles per gallon out of the mill or what impact there may be on performance, but an increase in efficiency is always appreciated.
[Source: Genuine Scooters]

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