Azentek nav-equipped SmartMirror coming end of year

Everything is in line to be a convergence device, and now the boring rear view mirror has stepped under the lights to get stuffed with extra equipment. The Azentek SmartMirror has a four-inch touchscreen on the right for a 2D and 3D text-to-speech GPS display. It's also offers Bluetooth connectivity, a call log, and caller ID. It has two video inputs, one that can be used for a rear view camera, and an SD card slot in case you want to record... well, whatever you might want to record with your rear view mirror.

The only thing missing from the mirror is availability -- it's been so popular that Azentek can't supply enough of them. The company says that will change later this year when you'll be able to get it at major retailers. The other potential hitch: it'll cost you $800 to do what your phone, TomTom, and regular mirror already do.

[Source: Engadget]

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