Remembered as the year that the Apple Macintosh first went on sale, Michael Jackson's hair caught on fire and Richard Petty won his 200th NASCAR race, 1984 was also when Craig Henderson and Bill Green finished building the Avion prototype. Designed to be as streamlined as possible and built on an aluminum chassis with a composite body, the car made the Guinness Book of Records by achieving 103.7 mpg on a West coast drive from Mexico to Canada. Now, more than 20 years later with an updated drivetrain, the Avion has smashed that mark and achieved 113.1 mpg on a 263 mile trip through the State of Washington. The run even included getting trapped in Seattle traffic. Twice.

The restored, updated version of the vehicle burns diesel and uses a 6-speed semi-automatic manual transmission from a Smart Fortwo. The Avion website claims it only requires 3 to 6 horsepower to maintain highway speed and should reach 100 mph. About the achievement Henderson said, "I am thrilled to be able to break our old record. This was a personal goal achieved for me and now we set our sites on the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE. We are in the process of building another car to compete and hopefully win the X PRIZE and we are seeking corporate or personal sponsorship to help us meet or goals". If you want your own Avion that might be possible as they say they are now "tooling up" to do a limited production run. Hit the jump to do the timewarp with a pair of videos, past and present, to see the Avion in action doing it mileage over-achieving thing.

[Source: Avion via JoeReal at GM-Volt forum]

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