After reaching an agreement with the California Air Resources Board recently that would essentially see the Chevy Volt classed as an electric car, it appears GM has now also worked things out with the EPA. The automaker and the environmental protection agency have been discussing just how extended range EVs like the Volt should be tested to evaluate fuel consumption and emissions. The federal agency responsible for enforcing the emissions and fuel economy standards had wanted to treat the Volt like a hybrid so that the battery would be charged at the end of the test cycle.

Although a new testing methodology has not been finalized, GM and the EPA have reportedly reached a preliminary agreement on new procedures that would see the Volt get a rating of at least 100 mpg. The new procedures would be applied to all plug-in vehicles and would rely more heavily on the electric drive capabilities than the internal combustion engine.

Update: GM Spokesman Rob Peterson has just let us know that the Seattle Times report is based on an earlier erroneous, Bloomberg report. GM is still talking to the EPA and nothing has changed in the last two weeks.

[Source: Seattle Times]

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