Click above for more teaser shots of the T.25 concept

Gordon Murray may be best known for his radical supercars, especially the timeless McLaren F1, but his automotive passions span far enough to include vehicles that could be described as the F1's polar opposite. Evidence of such is the T.25 program, a novel city car concept that Murray and his design crew plan to sell to established automotive companies. Gordon Murray Design Limited, the company formed by the man for his day-to-day design aspirations, has just celebrated its first anniversary and some intriguing pictures were snapped at the party, most of all a covered-up T.25 sitting in between some classic city cars of the past and present. Looking extremely short, even when compared to the original Mini, and almost comically tall, the wheels appear to be pushed as far to the corners as possible. Click here to read a transcript from Murray's speech at the event where he compares driving cars that get 20 miles per gallon with smoking. Thanks for the tip, Andre!

[Source: Gordon Murray Design]

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