Over at Winding Road/Next Autos this morning they have a report that Audi officials have confirmed to Chris Paukert that the A3 TDI will debut in the US market in the fall of 2009 as a 2010 model. Chris is currently on wave 3 of the Audi Mileage Marathon, and there are a pair of A3's included in the fleet. I just contacted Audi of America's Chief Communications Officer Jeff Kuhlman who categorically denied that any decision about the A3 has been finalized. Over the past week while I was participating in the marathon, we talked extensively with Audi officials about future diesel introductions beyond the Q7 TDI that launches early next year. Speaking with both Kuhlman and EVP Audi of America, Johan de Nysschen, they both expressed enthusiasm for bringing the A3 TDI to the US market. As the companies entry model here, a high mileage TDI version would be a great fit. Since the A3 shares it's architecture with the Volkswagen Jetta/Golf using the same 2.0L clean diesel as the Jetta would be natural fit. Odds are that the A3 TDI will eventually appear on US shores, but at this point nothing is official. BTW, on wave 1 Denise McCluggage and Kate McLeod averaged 45.3 mpg at the highest average speed of the entire fleet with 54.3 mph in the A3 pictured above.

[Sources: Audi, Next Autos]

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