A couple of weeks ago we were telling you about the 600-mile inaugural run of the Zuumer from ZuumCraft. While it's one thing to have a company representative talk about their product, it's often more illuminating to hear a review from an unassociated party and so we bring you news of a test drive from the ZoomiLife EV blogger, Sebastian Schepis. Self-described as not easily impressed, Mr. Schepis spent an hour riding the electric three-wheeler and enjoyed it so much he decided to actually buy one. Of course, he'll have to wait a bit. The first 150 carving machines are only arriving in the U.S. in January. His review is accompanied by some close up, detail pics and fills us in on a few features we were previously unaware of, the most unexpected of which is cruise control. Yup, bring the lithium ion-powered trike up to your desired speed and hit a button and there you stay until you hit the brakes. Which brings up another feature. As well as a headlight, it also has a taillight which is activated by the brakes. If you're thinking, "The only thing it really needs is a keyless alarm." don't worry, it's got that too. Click on the photo above for the full ZoomLife review.

[Source: ZoomiLife]

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