Click above to view gallery of 370Z screen caps from NFS: Undercover

Recently published spy shots of the upcoming 370Z have largely revealed the overall shape of Nissan's iconic Z car. But there's certainly more to see, and thanks to an official movie trailer for the upcoming Need for Speed: Undercover driving game, we've got a few glimpses of the final product. The 370Z will apparently be a drivable car in the game, which features a more theatrical story-line than most driving titles. The character you see above is Hector Maio, one of the game's criminals who pals around with his brother Zack. We've got screen captures from the video below, as well as the video itself after the jump. There are only glimpses of the 370Z throughout most of the video, particularly the car's headlights on in the dark, but near the end we see Hector greeting his, ahem, associates around it.

[Source: Carscoop]

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