We haven't shown you new spy shots of the upcoming redesigned BMW Z4 for, oh, at least a couple of weeks, but the latest pics reveal the hardtop convertible's final shape with only minimal covering. That psychedelic applique aside, we can easily see now that the new Z4 will be an evolutionary step for the design of this little roadster. What it will do is wipe clean the Bangle-inspired design elements that made the current car such a visual mess from every angle. It will get the clean, sculpted sides of current BMWs like the 3 Series, and an even larger twin-kidney grille. And unlike the current car, the proportions are now much more balanced with a reasonably sized front end flowing into a tidy cockpit and tapered rear. As mentioned, BMW will be ditching the soft top for a retractable hard top, which may take away some of the car's open air flavor but is largely a necessity in this class nowadays.
[Source: Next Autos]

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