Drive your electric SUV to the lake while towing a pontoon EV? We're getting closer to this image of a pure electron-driven traditional American summer weekend with a pair of new electric boat motors by SolidNav. The company has announced a new "green" line of motors, designed for sailboats and small watercraft. There are two motors in the line up: the Explorer (pictured) and the Traveler, both available now. The Explorer is as powerful as a 24hp diesel motor and is suited for vessels up to 30 feet long. The smaller Traveler weighs less than 60 pounds and "has been designed for sailboats, pontoon boats and small watercraft." An upside to battery-powered boating: no worries about E10 in your motor.
All that fun doesn't come cheap. The Explorer is $4,995 and the Traveler run $2,499. They are what they are. Don't forget you could just go canoeing.

[Source: SolidNav]

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