The county passenger fleet in Broome County, New York (halfway between Buffalo and NYC) used about 191,000 gallons of fuel, at a cost of $468,000, in 2006. While the county cut back and used 6,000 fewer gallons in 2007, the total cost for the fuel went up (we all know why) by $5,000. With numbers like these, it's easy to understand why county government officials were excited to see the Vantage Vehicle electric van last week. Government employees were able to test drive the Vantage and a peek at the county's 2008 numbers suggests that they're probably excited to give electric drive a shot. The county has already spent $497,00 on about 150,000 gallons of fuel in 2008. They expect to use about 200,000 before 2008 the year up.

The EVan was brought to Broome County by CleanVehiclesNY, a company that distributes EVs from Miles Electric Vehicles, Vantage Vehicles, Star Electric Vehicles, Bravo Electric Vehicles and EVS Electric Vehicles.

[Source: Go Broome County]

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