The Aptera Typ-1 asks a lot of questions of the car-buying public. Are you ready for a flightless bird vehicle? Do you know the difference between the legal crash test requirements of a three-wheeled versus a four-wheeled vehicle? Do you like the new design Oh, and did we mention the 230 mpge of the prototype?

Now, though, the people at the Aptera company have some very specific questions for the members of their email list. An online survey has been set up for people who've expressed an interest in the Aptera and it includes variations of questions like

  • How much do you value the Aptera vehicle
  • What's holding you back from putting a deposit down
  • "Okay, be honest, how closely have you read the Aptera newsletters?"
  • What about Aptera is most likely to dissuade your female family members, friends, or colleagues from making the $500 deposit to reserve a production slot? (there is also a male version of this question)
  • If gas prices were to exceed $6.00 per gallon, which of the following would be your highest priority?
  • Purchase an existing hybrid vehicle
  • Order an Aptera vehicle
  • Find alternative means of transportation (i.e. motorcycle, bicycle, etc.)
  • Ride-share / car pool to work
  • Increase my use of public transportation
  • None of these
We can figure why Aptera wants to know the answers to those questions, but much more interesting are two that I've pasted after the jump. Do I smell bonus offer?

[Source: Aptera]

Questions from the Aptera survey:

  • Assuming equal value, which of the following would be most appealing for you to receive as a gift?
    • An electronic gadget (such as a computer, hand-held GPS, iPhone, etc.)
    • High-end, custom tailored clothing
    • Dinner and a show
    • Tickets to a playoff game
    • Weekend outdoor adventure vacation package
  • We know you may have interests in many of the following types of vacations, but which statement best describes your ideal vacation?
    • Guided Touring - where you learn about the key people, events, artifacts, and culture of the local region.
    • Outdoor Adventure - such as hiking, skiing, biking, scuba diving, camping, etc.
    • Quiet & Restful - such as a week at a spa/retreat, where you can shut off the outside world and decompress from your daily life.
    • Social Partying - such as an all-inclusive week at a beach resort - indulging in great food & drink, dancing, attending parties, etc.
    • Exotic - traveling to remote parts of the world with unconventional accomodations.
What do you make of these items? Are they some sort of psychological profile queries, or might Aptera be readying a reward program? Also, if you're interested, you can take the survey here.

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