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At first glance, a Corvette may seem like an odd choice for a vehicle to enter into an event aimed at fuel economy. At second glance, and when one realizes that the Corvette in question is the Z06, which happens to be powered by a 7.0-liter V8 engine that offers up over 500-horsepower, the choice looks positively insane. Perhaps it isn't. Any car can be driven in an economical fashion, even one powered by an extremely large-displacement eight cylinder engine. It helps that the 'Vette has a six speed manual transmission and makes plenty of stump-pulling torque right off idle, so its driver can shift quickly at very low RPMs. When properly driven, the Z06 is actually capable of delivering rather good mileage. In fact, the Z06 won the annual Fleetworld/ALD Automotive MPG Marathon in the U.K. by averaging 30.96 mpg over the trip's two-day, 411-mile route. That mark represents an improvement of 61.26-percent over the Z06's official European combined mileage figures and is a new record for the MPG Marathon. Maybe the V8's got some legs left after all.

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* Iconic supercar wins eco-driving challenge
* 61.26 per cent improvement over combined mpg figure
* Responsible driving brings huge cost benefits

An educated approach to driving can bring huge benefits to owners of all types of car, proving that you don't necessarily need a fuel-sipping supermini to cut your motoring costs.

And to illustrate the point, the legendary Corvette was crowned the overall winner in the annual Fleetworld/ALD Automotive MPG Marathon, recording a record 61.26 per cent improvement over the official combined figure in the two-day, 411-mile economy driving event.

Driven by Press Association journalist Richard Hammond, the Corvette Z06 achieved a combined mpg figure of 30.96mpg over the challenging route, proving that even a 198mph supercar can achieve fuel economy similar to that of a modern family hatchback if driven with a sensible approach to road and traffic conditions.

MPG Marathon organiser Ross Durkin said: "Driving economically is possible in whatever car you own – all it takes is consideration of prevailing road conditions and an educated approach to how you drive your car. The Corvette's success proves that any driver can improve their fuel economy if they think in advance and anticipate road conditions."

Using Total Excellium high octane petrol at a cost of 109.9 pence per litre, the Corvette used £66.41 worth of fuel over the route, a saving of £40.54 compared to if it had achieved its official combined figure of 19.2mpg.

The Corvette Z06 '505 hp' is available in the UK now, priced from £54,995.

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