Hold the presses! There is yet.another.enclosed.three-wheeled.vehicle.being developed in America. The Dagne from Revolution Motors is meant to be an "ultra-efficient, high-performance sustainable commuter vehicle" and will feature a serial-hybrid drivetrain. Though it does have lots in common with various other projects, the Dagne, named after the protagonist in in Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged", will separate itself from the herd by featuring all-wheel electric drive with steering, acceleration and and braking controlled via a joystick. If that doesn't make you say "Whoa!" then we won't even mention that it also does that whole front-wheels-tilting thing.

With series production planned for 2011, they have been testing a prototype since January and say that "development is proceeding smoothly and quickly." They also hope to have a limited edition single-seat, topless version available even earlier, in mid-2010. The Progressive Automotive X-Prize contender has has pretty nice performance targets. Its range is listed as 120 miles in electric mode, 600 miles as a hybrid. Top speed is an ambitious 120 mph with a 0 to 60 Mph of 5 seconds. Price is a very optimistic "under $20,000." If you want to follow their progress or learn more they have a blog. We look forward to seeing some video of this rolling video game in the future.

[Source: Revolution Motors via Aptera Forum]

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