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It sounds as if the Australian market will be the third - behind the United States and Europe - to get a version of the Chevy Volt. In Europe, the Volt will be sold as either an Opel or a Vauxhall and in Australia it will be known as a Holden. The Volt, in its current Chevrolet guise, was shipped to Sydney for the Motor Show, which is where the announcement was made that it would make the trip to Australia by 2012.

The Holden Volt will join the Toyota Camry hybrid and the Honda Insight as fuel-saving cars with internal combustion engines that use an electric motor to achieve their fuel efficiency. Unlike its two rivals, the Volt will use only its electric motor to power the wheels, with the engine used solely to charge the batteries when needed. Officials from Holden say that the Volt will go for 60 kilometers before a single drop of petroleum is used. Hey, that's about 40 miles. Imagine that.

[Source: The Age]

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