Audi R8 V10 and Spyder versions to be scarce and dear

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Word has it there is an eight-month waiting list for the Audi R8 in the car's home market of Germany. Here in the good ol' U.S. of A., the 50 units we get per month are not nearly enough for all of the interested buyers. Well, with V10, convertible and possibly diesel versions in the works, we can't imagine that demand will subside anytime soon. You might think that Audi would be smart to amp up production to handle the high demand, especially with those new versions coming soon, but that isn't gonna happen according to Audi. Seems they can only make 27 R8s a month day and no more. That should keep the R8 variations very scarce and very dear.

For those lucky enough to have the coinage and a place in line, there is more news. Car and Driver talked to Michael Dick, Audi's member of the board of management for technical development, who told them the company expects to sell around 80% with V10 flavor. That version goes on sale next year, with drop-tops following soon after in Europe. Yanks will have to wait another year with 2011 models showing up in '10.

Other tidbits gleaned from the interview: Pricing hasn't been set, the diesel might be Euro-only if it even makes it to production, and a little brother R4 was never in the cards with the TT-RS and possible Audi R3 version of the VW roadster filling out the dance card well enough. We'll keep our fingers crossed that there are enough V10s available so we can get one in our garage at least.

[Source: Car and Driver]

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