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Last year, we were introduced to the Lumeneo Smera at the Geneva Motor Show. We were impressed by its specifications, which include a 144-volt lithium ion battery pack powering dual rear wheel motors. Its four-wheeled design leans into turns, and keeps the front and rear tracks extremely narrow in order to fit into tight city streets. The Smera is capable of transporting two people for distances of up to 93 miles and can hit a top speed of 80 miles per hour. That's pretty good, but we hadn't heard a whole lot since.

Today, we can see a very French-looking video of the Smera in action. This appears to be a promotional video of some sort and there are no words, other than the song in the background. We can see the Smera in its natural habitat, city streets, and on the faster connecting roads as well. We can clearly see that the Smera is loved by small livestock, llamas and attractive women. An odd combination for sure, but whatever. There are Smeras appearing in silver, deep red and white and they all look very cool.

[Source: YouTube]


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