AMG is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz that transforms mainstream models into super performing beasts. As such it has never been known as a champion of efficiency, but this is about to change. AMG chief Volker Mornhinweg recently spoke to Britain's CAR about future products that are being developed or considered. AMG has clearly demonstrated that it knows how to extract extraordinary amounts of power form Mercedes engines. Given the reality of fuel prices and emissions requirements, ever increasing power is no longer a suitable path. However, AMG wouldn't be what it is without performance so the engineers will seek new directions that require less power and consumption. That means lighter weight materials for new models so that smaller engines can be used. The AMG engineers will also move beyond straight gasoline internal combustion power. In the next few years, AMG will introduce a model using the new mild hybrid system that debuts in the S400 BlueHybrid next year. That model should beat the current AMG 6.2L V8 by 30 percent in fuel economy but have similar performance. Diesel will also be part of the picture although the focus for AMG will be higher performance diesels than Mercedes currently sells. A twin turbocharged version of the 3.0L V6 diesel used through much of the current lineup could rival the BMW dual turbo six that is used in the 335d and 535d.

[Source: CAR]

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