Reality shows and the Internet have not created a more ridiculous world, they have only promoted the outrageous things that are already going on. You're a dad in Tennessee who's had 15 brewskies and an unknown quantity of other liquor, your female company is under the influence of something and has a pocket full of pills, and you need to get home. Thankfully there are three kids in the group, and the 10-year-old is probably straight up enough to drive the van. But who knew the kid would think 90 mph was an appropriate cruising speed and then flip the van over? A few police later – after the woman has tried "to swallow as many pills as she could" – the adults got a much more relaxed ride to the pokey and the kids got passport into state care. It's a good thing the proud papa was wearing his lucky beer T-shirt, or things really could have gone wrong. Thanks for the tip, OM617!
[Source: Fox News]

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